New Construction vs Old Construction

Should you buy an old home or new construction?  There are many questions that a buyer has to answer and then, of course, it’s very much a matter of personal taste.

Metuchen, Edison, Scotch Plains and Westfield and the surrounding areas, all have their fair share of older homes and brand new construction.  One of the biggest factor to consider is the price tag that comes along with these homes.  However, putting price aside for a moment, let’s look at the advantages to weigh when deciding between old and new….

Benefits of a New House:

New homes cater to the needs of the modern family.  There are many more amenities.  If you’re looking for an open flow floor plan and large closets, you’re more likely to find them in a new home. New kitchens with more features and a myriad of electrical sockets as well as plenty of modern bathrooms are part of the package.  Surround sound speakers, internet, double entry foyers are all available.

Generally, there are fewer repairs.  Even with settling cracks appearing, there’s not much to worry about.  The construction, mechanics and appliances in the home are all new so you can spend your time and money on decorating rather than repairing.

You know that a new home is built adhering to the current construction codes and with township permits.  These codes are designed to offer improved safety precautions.  There is also the factor the a new home is more energy efficient and so are the appliances within it.

Of course, if you do decide to purchase a new home, you should do your research and check on the developer and/or builder and make sure they are reputable.

Benefits of An Old Home

Many people can’t resist the charm and grace of an older home.  Also, depending on when it was built, an older home can offer far better quality of construction.  It has a character and personality that new homes just can’t duplicate.  Historic homes especially in a historic area will always be attractive to buyers due to the character and interest of the area.

Older homes are generally in established neighborhoods and they offer the lure of Location,Location,Location!!   Often an older home will be in closer proximity to a town’s center – after all, they were the ones that got there first!

An older home may offer more living space for the money and, therefore, are more likely to fall inside the first time home buyer’s budget.  But you have to remember that is just the first step.  An older home is usually going to come with the need for repairs.  And even if there’s not that much to be done when you first purchase the home, as time goes on, more and more items will wear out and need to be repaired or replaced.  Also remember that if  you purchase an historic home, there might well be township ordinances that restrict any alterations to the house.

But with an older home, you do have a sturdy home that has an history and an artistry of construction.

So whether you desire a new or older home, just remember it’s good to do your research.