Cool Raccoons in Westfield

According to the “Westfield Patch” it wasn’t just the humans who were too hot this weekend and went looking for the comfort of a swimming pool:

“A family of raccoons stopped by the Memorial pool Saturday afternoon seeking to relax and cool off from the 100 degree temperatures. The resulting chaos from the family’s visit resulted in the raccoons seizing control over part of the pool’s grounds and lifeguards moving pool goers away from the raccoon occupation.

Around 4 p.m. on Saturday afternoon, lifeguards started blockading the back part of the grounds It is not known how many raccoons were controlling part of the property.

An announcement made around 4:15 p.m. on Saturday warned pool goers to stay out of the raccoon controlled part of the property. The announcer said that while the raccoons were “cute” it would safer for humans and raccoons to have their own areas of the pool complex.

The raccoon occupation comes less than a week after a 200 lb bear cub took a walk through several north side neighborhoods and multiple towns. The bear cub – eventually caught in Cranford – took snacks, naps and trips up trees in an event that captured the attention of the town.”

Guess pools beat out garbage in the current 100F+ temperatures in our area.