Don’t Forget the Permits!

There’s a lot of remodeling going on in Westfield and the surrounding areas.  There are some beautiful older homes and people want their charm.  However, once the home is purchased, it’s common to want to start remodeling and add gorgeous new kitchens, bathrooms and all sorts of other additions.  When taking on one of these projects, it’s very tempting to spend one’s time comparing granite counters, looking at shiny faucets and generally enjoying all the tempting extras.

However, the most important first step is navigating the intricacies of obtaining the necessary building permits.  Generally, home owners who use licensed contractors for remodeling work don’t have to get involved with obtaining permits.  The contractors will usually handle the process for them: this will involve paperwork for the municipality, fees and being there for township inspections.  But, if you’re doing-it-yourself or using a contractor without a license, you will want to consider obtaining all necessary “permits before putting your home on the market.  That basement you finished without permits is just going to be a problem once your sale is under way!

You may be wondering why you need to undergo this particular form of torture!  Well, an attorney is going to ask during Attorney Review if a home has all necessary permits.  A home inspector is also going to look around and see if it look as though all work has been done according to code.  It’s very possible that the buyer will contact the township permit office to see if all permits are on file.  Beware, if you close on the sale of your home without permits, you could be liable later for any fire or damage sustained.

Most sellers feel apprehensive about approaching their town regarding back permits.  But generally the process is less troublesome than you might think.  Of course, there is always the chance that you will be asked to make good mistakes that have been made.  But better safe than sorry!

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