Mortgage Rates Are Falling

It may be winter and getting colder by the day, but mortgage rates are falling yet again and the real estate market is heating up!  Rates have fallen to a record low, offering buyers and owners a great opportunity to purchase or refinance.

If you’re thinking of putting your home on the market for sale, the buyers are beginning to come out – many have decided that home prices might not go much lower and with the current mortgage rates, this might be the best time to buy.  Many buyers are deciding to “beat the crowd” and not wait until the Spring when demand might start pushing prices up!

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Added to this, rental properties are becoming more expensive and so its more affordable to buy and not put money into someone else’s pocket.  First time buyers are finding that the lower mortgage rates and lower home prices are making a significant difference to what they are able to purchase.  Currently, rates are running at 4.0% for 30 years and 3.25% for a 15 year loan.

This does not mean that you can purchase any home at any price you think of, but motivated sellers who are pricing realistically  are selling to like-minded buyers at fair prices.

The best way to find out just how much home you can afford is to talk with a licensed mortgage representative.  There are so many different programs out there, you need some professional guidance to show you the way.  If you need a referral to a knowledgable mortgage rep, I know one of the best.  Just give me a call and I’d be glad to put you in touch.

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This blog is the courtesy of Jackie Safran who is an award winning Real Estate Agent at RE/MAX Properties Unlimited in Westfield, NJ (732) 261-6151.  I help nice people sell and buy beautiful homes in Union and Middlesex Counties.