Choosing A Realtor

A good real estate agent can make or break the purchase or sale of your home!

Realtors want your business and home buyers and home sellers are often looking for agents.  However, it can be tricky to find the right agent for you.  Remember that this person is going to be responsible for your purchasing or selling what is most probably your most valuable possession.

When interviewing the right Realtor for  you, obviously you want to know their track record: how long have they been a Realtor, what areas are they most experienced in, how successful are they?  But, you also want to make sure that this is a person you want to spend time with and that you feel you can trust.  Obviously different styles appeal to different people – we don’t all chose the same color car or the same style house.  Likewise, the same Realtor cannot appeal to everyone.

One of the important points that is not always considered is the Realtor’s availability.  Real Estate is not just showing houses.  Realtors need to be out there looking at houses that come on the market, taking further education (things are always changing) and dealing with the one-thousand-and-one different matters that come up during a house sale.

Before you hire your friend’s cousin or the nice guy you met at a party, check that Real Estate is their business and not just a sideline for making some pocket money.  A Realtor needs to be available, especially during a home sale,  to talk to home inspectors, other Realtors, contractors, mortgage reps, appraisers, etc etc.  Make sure your Realtor isn’t doing this as a side line to make extra money as well as their “real job.”  Believe me, being a Realtor is a Real Job.

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This blog is the courtesy of Jackie Safran who is an award winning Real Estate Agent at RE/MAX Properties Unlimited in Westfield, NJ (732) 261-6151.  I help nice people sell and buy beautiful homes in Union and Middlesex Counties.