What I Love About Living in New Jersey (3)

So we’ve covered not having to pump my own gas and being able to take my own wine to restaurants.  But Number 3 is most probably dearest to my heart!  Like many of my gender, I love to shop.  Call me a sexist, but I believe women have made this into a fine art.  I always tell my husband that shopping in the sales is the only contact sport I engage in!  The wonderful thing about shopping in New Jersey is that we don’t pay taxes on clothing.  The price you see on the tag is the price you get. No last minute surprise when that outfit you really shouldn’t be buying arrives at the cash register only to find out that it costs more than the budget you’ve already exceeded.

If you like to shop, downtown Westfield and the surrounding areas offers a great range of shopping from intimate boutiques to department stores.  If you like large, luxurious malls, Shorthills Mall with all its finery, is only a short drive away.

Whatever is your pleasure when it comes to the fine art of clothes shopping, at the end of the day, it’s a delight to purchase it tax free!

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