Is Your Kitchen Making You Fat?

As I visit the various homes for sale in Westfield, NJ, I notice that there’s a great attraction for big, luxurious kitchens.  Could your big, attractive kitchen be contributing to a big and unattractive waistline?  Mark Blegen, an Associate Professor at St. Catherine University in Minnesota, who studies why people eat, says “if a kitchen gets you there and keeps you there, you’re going to increase your consumption.”  Kitchen size, design, storage and appliances are all designed to “keep you there” and destroy those physical and psychological barriers to deter you from eating.  Here’s how:

Kitchen/Great Room Combos – where big kitchens multi-task as family rooms, homework centers and offices, causing us to spend more time around food and make it so convenient.

Traditional Design – kitchen designers love to minimize the distance between a kitchen’s sink, stove and refrigerator, making the perfect “work triangle.”  But research Brian Wansink says the smaller the triangle, the more we’re eating when we’re supposed to be prepping.

T00-Handy Storage – convenient kitchen storage puts you that much closer to calories.  Walk-in pantries are the worse because they encourage buying in bulk and stockpiling.  Storing all those bargain carbs makes you more like to eat them.

Tempting Refrigerators – Upscale, glass-front refrigerators bring you face-to-face with last night’s leftovers and special treats that call to you like sirens.

So if you are considering remodeling your kitchen, give it the lean treatment:

Size the kitchen with food preparation, not munching, in mind.  If possible, eat in a separate room where seconds are just a “reach” away.

Place the refrigerator away from the kitchen entrance so that it doesn’t call to you the moment you enter the room.

Install cabinets with solid doors so that those tempting treats aren’t on display.

Avoid walk-in pantries where you can store bushels of food.

Keep televisions and iPads and other distractions out of the kitchen where you are surrounded by food.

Install bright lights which discourage eating – ask the fast food restaurants who are trying to get  you out in a hurry.

As a last resort, if you really must have that dream luxury kitchen, invest in some padlocks for the cupboards and the fridge!!

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