The New Jersey Home Search

Looking for a home in New Jersey?  Have you spent hours surfing the web looking at every home in the area that might turn out to be your dream home?

Sometimes buyers go to a great deal of trouble and when we have our first meeting, they arrive with a detailed wish list of non-negotiable needs and then preferences which also turn out to be more or less “required.”  I want to do the best for my buyers.  I’ve bought homes and I understand that there are certain things that one really desires in a new home.  However, it’s important to recognize the difference between “needs” and “desires”.  Needs have much more to do with the function of the home for your family.  You have 3 daughters, a home with only 1 bathroom really isn’t going to work!  You desire to have granite counters and a fireplace in the family room.

Here in Westfield NJ and the surrounding area, we have a whole variety of homes and buyers do have the luxury of looking many different homes.  However, the price of these homes is going to dictate how many of their needs and desires can be met.  I try to encourage my buyers not to be so narrow in their search that they may be ruling out the unexpected home that will make their hearts sing.  I’ve seen it many times:  buyers arrive with their wish list and then, after a period of time when we are looking at homes with an eye to education of the Westfield market area, they become educated and abandon the wish list for the home that they just love, even though it’s not exactly what they were looking for at the beginning of their search.

To sum it up, I want to do the best for my clients.  I want their search to end in the home that makes them happy and works for them.  However, to find that home, it is necessary that buyers can be flexible and embrace realistic expectations.  It’s good to have that wish list to guide you, but once education has shown you what is available to you, adjust your criteria, as your budget and the market conditions dictate, and let’s get you into the New Jersey home that you will love!

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This blog is the courtesy of Jackie Safran who is an award winning Real Estate Agent at RE/MAX Properties Unlimited in Westfield, NJ (732) 261-6151.  I help nice people sell and buy beautiful homes in Union and Middlesex Counties.