Westfield NJ and Man’s Best Friend

Westfield NJ has a busy downtown and one of the common sights is a resident and their dog, out for a stroll.

I just visited the Farmers Market on South Avenue and stood in line with a dog who wanted to make friends.  The dogs of Westfield come in all sizes from absolutely enormous to tiny, but they all seem to have a common love of being outside.

Westfield NJ has many spacious parks, but Echo Park, just a block of two to the north of Westfield in Mountainside, has a dog park.  It’s located in Echo Park, off of Mountain Avenue, just to the south of Route 22 East.  Renovated in the Fall of 2009, it’s a spacious 3 acres with a secure fence around the perimeter.  There’s also a separate fenced area for small dogs and puppies which makes their owners feel more secure.  There are waste receptacles all over, although you have to Bring-Your-Own-Water and parking is limited.

Here’s a Google Map View of the Park:

Echo Lake Dog Park

Talking of dogs, it’s very common to see in Westfield drivers cruising along with windows down, music blaring and Fido, the family dog, riding with his head sticking out of the window enjoying the freedom.  Be warned, it may be an image that we’re going to see less and less now that the national “Click It or Ticket” law is being enforced.  Under this law, unrestrained pets in vehicles is considered an act of animal cruelty, and drivers who don’t secure Fido in a pet seat belt will be subject to fines ranging from $250 to $1,000 and as much as six months in jail and that’s per pet!  The reason given for this is that animals become projectiles in a crash.  The ASPCA advises that dogs be fastened in the back seat as they can be injured or even killed if an airbag deploys in the front seat and they are there.  Apparently a dog seat belt is specially designed for the bodies of dogs, so they are somewhat different to what humans use.  And don’t think your kitty isn’t included.  It’s suggested that cat carriers are secured in the back seat with the cat safely inside.

This is all well and good and I’m all for animal safety and very much against cruelty.  However, if I tried to put my 14 years old Wheaten Terrier into a harness, he would not be amused and I would not come away unscathed.  Maybe I should drive with a harness in the car and invite the police officer to attempt to put it on Rugby.  Trouble is, then I’d be in trouble for what happens to the police officer!  Guess Rugby is going to get a lot less car rides!!

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