How’s the Neighborhood?

Westfield NJ Home Buyers generally have quite a clear idea of what they are looking for in the home they intend to purchase.

However, one of the oldest maxims of real estate is “location, location, location.”  Look around you – no matter how perfect the house is, the location is also key.  You are going to have to drive down this street every day and you should feel good about the neighborhood – not just the house.  Location and neighborhood will often be a deciding factor as to how much you enjoy living in your home and, of course, the selling price should you decide to move once again.

Of course, apart from the look of the neighborhood, and whether neighboring homes are well cared for,  there are other factors to weigh carefully before you decide that this is the home for you and that you really want to live in the area.

Consider each and every member of the family and what they will do most often from this location.  For those who are working, easy access to the correct train station or bus route or to convenient highways needs to be taken into account.  How far is the home located from the schools that your children will be attending – is there a bus to take them or will you have to drive them to their destination?  How accessible are supermarkets, grocery stores, a town center or medical care?  Will you be close to community centers, churches or a gym?

It is good to try and drive by the home at different hours of the day.  How does rush hour traffic affect the house – could that street possibly become a busy cut-through at certain times of the day?  Are you near a sports field or church where parking might be difficult at certain times?  If you have children, you might want to check around to see if there are other children living nearby.

It is also good to check the property itself and see whether the home is situated in a flood zone and how much flood insurance would be.  Also, to obtain a history of the home and try to discover whether the home has ever been flooded.  You should know whether there are any known easements on the property.

People want different things from neighborhoods:  some want quiet, bucolic streets with plenty of property – others want to be closer to the center of a town, maybe with less space but more convenience.  So think carefully while you are looking for your next home in Westfield NJ or the towns beyond.

If you are looking for a large property in Westfield, you might want to take a look at a classic home on Woodland Avenue that offers over an acre of land – not a common lot size in this town – as well as a guest house.

For those who want to be closer to town, there’s a large Victorian home on Prospect Street, very close to town on a much smaller property.

If you’d just like to browse the MLS and see what homes in Westfield NJ, might be of interest to you, click this link and you can search the entire area and neighboring towns.  I’d be happy to show you any home that might interest you and help you to explore the neighborhood.

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This information courtesy of Jackie Safran who is an award winning Real Estate Agent at RE/MAX Properties Unlimited in Westfield, NJ (732) 261-6151.  I help nice people sell and buy beautiful homes in Union and Middlesex Counties.