Westfield Home Sales 2014

A total of 357 homes were sold in Westfield NJ in 2014.  This is compared with the 358 sold in 2013. So, all in all, as far as actual numbers of homes sold, there was not much difference in the past two years.

However, December 2014 was a much busier month in Westfield NJ  with 36 homes being sold as opposed to 24 in December 2013.  But this is most probably also weather related as you may remember that we had a lot of snow and the buyers were not keen to trudge through the snow on people’s driveways.



The average sales price in Westfield actually went down over the time period.  In 2013, the average sale was $775,921 compared to 2014 when it was $724,323.

In 2013, the average list price was $794,797 compared to $740,321 in 2014

In 2013, the Selling-Price-to-List-Price Percentage was 98% with average days on market 54.  In 2014, the Selling-Price-to-List-Price Percentage was 97.7% with average days on market at 54.

Westfield 2014


There was a great variety of homes that sold from a condo for $110,000 to the large luxury home for $1,848,000.

A couple of examples of the beautiful Westfield NJ Homes that sold in December 2014 are:

538 ArlingtonA pretty home on Arlington Avenue that sold for $638,000 after 14 days on the market259 Prospect


and a slightly more extravagant home on Prospect Street that sold for $970,000 after 32 days on the market.


If you would like to take a look at all 36 homes that sold in Westfield NJ in December, click this link for information and photographs.


January 2014 seems to have started strong.  Westfield NJ currently has 53 homes showing to be Under Contract with accepted offers.  There are still 103 homes on the market in MLS and the Spring market should bring more homes for sale and many more buyers.

So if you haven’t found that home you’ve been dreaming of yet, with the low mortgage rates, this might be the time to start looking!


If you’d just like to browse the MLS and see what homes in Westfield NJ, might be of interest to you, click this link and you can search the entire area and neighboring towns.  I’d be happy to show you any home that might interest you and help you to explore the neighborhood.

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This information courtesy of Jackie Safran who is an award winning Real Estate Agent at Coldwell Banker West in Westfield, NJ (732) 261-6151.  I help nice people sell and buy beautiful homes in Union and Middlesex Counties.