Hot Home Features in the Westfield NJ Real Estate Market

Popular New Jersey Home Improvements

Hardscape upgrade on a brick homeRemodeling this year or planning to sell your house? Want to know what’s popular with potential New Jersey home buyers? We have the scoop! You’ll be able to sell your home for more money, and you and any future residents will love living in it. These are seven of the most popular features found in homes in the Westfield area.

7 Home Trends to Follow

1. Hardiplank exteriors: Vinyl siding is OUT. Westfield buyers want homes that look like they’re made of wood because they look nicer. Plus, it’s a nice way of getting a little more bang for your buck around sell time.

2. Hardscaping and custom exterior lighting: Putting in sidewalks, lights, or fire pits are a great way to raise the visual appeal on your home. Not only are they practical elements to have at home, but they’re also ways of making your house stand out from your neighbors’. Plus it adds a focal point to your home and gives it that boost for curb appeal.

3. Patios: But what about decks? For starters, it’s generally more expensive to build a deck. With patios, you can enjoy a variety of materials from stone, concrete, brick, or pavers. Make your patio a beautiful space with some outdoor furniture to host backyard get-togethers. No need to worry about repairing wooden railings, either.

4. Deep molding in rooms: Make a statement in your living room or around the house. Put in some deep crown molding to accentuate the room.

5. Carrera marble in bathrooms: Simply beautiful. Putting in carrera marble countertops in your bathroom will give it a sleek, clean appearance. It’s a great way of adding elegance to your home.

6. Monochromatic colors: Darker shades and paler tones give your home that extra kick. But why limit your decoration choices to just paint? Follow the color scheme with fabrics, draperies, or a rug to make your home look luxurious and modern.

7. Steam showers with seats: Bring the illusion of more space into your bathroom with a steam shower. It will feel good and look great, too.

Selling Your Home in Westfield?

Home improvements won’t just make your house look good, they’ll make it more appealing for buyers. If you’ve recently remodeled and are looking to sell your home in New Jersey, list with my real estate team and we’ll make sure that all of your hard work pays off.

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