Moving to New Jersey? 3 Resources to Help You Transition

new jersey state sealIf you’re moving to New Jersey, welcome to the Garden State!

You may be feeling excited, nervous, or even overwhelmed, especially if this is your first home buying experience or if you’re relocating from a long distance.

But I have provided a few resources to help you smoothly transition to your new home.

3 Helpful New Jersey Relocation Resources

Moving even across the street can be a challenge. If you’re moving across the country or across the globe, there are more intricate pieces of the move to think about — finding the right moving company, narrowing your packing list, and smoothing out your travel plans.

I’ve personally relocated to New Jersey from the UK, and these resources I believe can help you smoothly transition to New Jersey from where ever you’re moving from.

1. Step-By-Step Guide to the New Jersey Home Buying Process

Everything from the steps involved in finding your dream home, making an offer on a New Jersey property, applying for a mortgage, and closing on a home is covered in the guide to the home buying process in New Jersey.

If you’re moving to the Westfield, NJ area, you can request your personalized relocation package to receive home listings and an area guide tailored to your specific housing needs.

suitcases at airport terminal2. First-Time Home Buyer Guide to New Jersey Real Estate

Our resource for first-time New Jersey home buyers offers an overview of the home search process, including creating a list of wants and needs before searching for a home, a checklist for New Jersey house hunting, and contacting a REALTOR to schedule a first-time home buyer consultation.

3. New Jersey Home Mortgage Calculator

You can determine your monthly mortgage payments by adjusting the mortgage term, interest, home loan amount, and annual tax and insurance information. The mortgage calculator is especially helpful when trying to budget around monthly payments.

Need to Learn More about Relocating? Just Ask!

I’ve personally moved homes 15 times, and have relocated internationally 3 of those times. As someone who has first-hand experience of moving and the challenges that come with relocation, I am happy to share my experiences and moving tips with you so that you can have a smooth relocation yourself.

Contact me at (732) 261-6151 or and we can talk about relocating. I look forward to speaking with you!

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