3 Reasons Why Westfield Schools Deserve An A+

Knowing that your child will be set up for success is a key factor when choosing a home for your family. If you are relocating to New Jersey, consider checking out Westfield schools.

Here are some of the top reasons why schools in Westfield stand out from the rest!

1. Smaller Class Sizes = More Room For Growth

apple sitting on a stack of books with a chalkboard in the background.With a population of less than 35,000 it’s no surprise that schools in Westfield have a low student-teacher ratio.

The advantage of this low 12 to 1 ratio is that a teacher can focus on each student’s educational growth.

A prime example of this growth is that the average SAT scores in Westfield are well above the state and national levels.

So whether you choose a public or private school, you can count on your child’s voice being heard.

Want to learn more about this gorgeous area? Check out what Westfield has to offer!

2. Focus On Visual and Performing Arts

a child coloring a picture with a jar of crayons beside them.

Schools in Westfield not only provide excellent academic education, but unique music and art education.

Your child will be able to tap into their creative talents and learn about different cultures.

Band, chorus, drama, sculpting, and painting are just a few of the programs that Westfield schools has to offer.

Interested in supporting local artists? Find out more about the weekly Jazz festival in Westfield!

3. Variety of Public and Private Schools

child stepping off of a school bus at a school crossing.This quaint New Jersey town boasts with public and private schools. Throughout the area there are 10 public schools, along with 10 private.

With this variety of schools you will be able to determine the best environment for your child.

Franklin Elementary, Roosevelt Intermediate, and Holy Trinity Interparochial are just a few of the schools that Westfield has to offer.

Looking for a home near these schools? Here are the current listings in Westfield!

Ready To Purchase A Home In Westfield?

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