Top Reasons Why The Timing Is Right To Sell Your Home

The phrase “timing is everything” plays a key role in buying a home or selling your home. In Real Estate there are certain seasons that provide the most listings and closings, but there are specific signs to look for when it comes to selling your home, no matter the season.

Keep an eye out for these 3 signs when deciding to sell your home.

1. Interest Rates Are Low And The Housing Market Is Solid

tiny house sitting on top of a calculator.In 2017 the housing market stayed strong and the interest rates held steady within a low range. Currently, the housing market is still on the up and up, with interest rates ranging between 3.9-4.5% for 15 and 30 year. More millennials are also deciding to commit to a home purchase, so this increases the chance of selling your home.

With all of these factors coming in to play, the chances of your home sitting on the market for a long time decreases significantly. Limited housing inventory means multiple bids for your home and the opportunity for  a higher return!

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2. Homes Around You Have Sold And Accrued Equity

White house with a "For Sale" sign out front.It’s no surprise that when you see your neighbors starting to sell their homes that you will get the itch to sell yours too! When for sale signs are only up for a week and then moving trucks are there a few weeks later, there’s a good chance that your home will sell quickly as well.

With an increase in bidding wars and less housing options, you can say goodbye to the days of lowering your selling price and hello to receiving generous equity.

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3. Your Home Doesn’t Fit Your Lifestyle Anymore

For many homeowners there comes a time when their current home just doesn’t feel like the right fit anymore. Whether your home has become too small, too much upkeep, or your neighborhood has just become crammed, you’ll know when it is time to move on.

When you decide to sell your home you’ll be moving on to a fresh start, and find comfort in the fact that your new home will better accommodate your needs.

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Ready To Sell Your Home?

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