Jackie’s New Jersey Real Estate Services


Servicing mainly Westfield, Cranford and Scotch Plains New Jersey real estate.

Buying a home is generally the single largest financial transaction that most people make …

… most buyers initiate their search on the internet and that’s a great place to start – you can start searching the New Jersey MLS right here too – it allows you to perform on-line research at your own pace and to get a feel for what the current New Jersey real estate market is offering you.

However, there comes a time when you might consider engaging the services of a competent Realtor.

So, how do you select the correct Realtor? Well, you can select the one that might not drive you completely crazy, or the Realtor who was able to answer your email that day! You can contact one who is advertising on one of the big real estate websites and who might be answering their phone that day. Unfortunately, these strategies are unlikely to find you a conscientious and knowledgeable Realtor who offers a high level of service.

There’s a reason that home sellers engage one specific agent to aggressively list and market their home here in New Jersey.

A smart buyer would do well to employ the same strategy and commit to one agent to represent their interests. This means meeting with the agent and reviewing their qualifications to guide you through the process of purchasing a home. There’s a huge difference between an experienced, skilled and caring buyer’s agent as opposed to a chauffeur with a real estate license!

And so you ask “what is Jackie going to do that’s different?”

Well, I’m going to customize the process to suit you and your family. I need to meet with you and have the chance to really listen to what you are telling me.

For first time home buyers, or even those who have purchased before but don’t really remember, I like to go through the process of purchasing a home in New Jersey so that you will have some idea of what you are getting into.

It also involves flexibility: some people want me to look at the MLS for them every day and only send them the homes I really feel are a match to what they are searching for. Other people feel that they prefer to have more control and analyze and select what they want to see from whatever is listed in MLS that meets some of their criteria.

Throughout the process, my interest is to make buying a home easier for you. I will never just try to get you to “buy a house.” I want to you to find a home that will meet your requirements and make you happy and excited. I’m interested in developing a long term relationship with you: one of mutual trust that will make you feel comfortable referring your friends and family to me.

I’m not one for “hard sell” – I want you to take you time and really choose your home.

I will also do my best to alleviate the stress that comes with home buying. We will work closely together throughout the entire process. During our home search, I’m gong to give you my honest opinion as to price, location and whether I think it’s a good buy.

However, your opinion is the one that matters. I give you a little professional guidance – YOU make the decisions. You will be living in the home and you’re the one making the purchase.

Before you make an offer on a New Jersey home, I will show you the comparison sales for that area for the last six months or so. This way your offer will be an educated one, not just “a shot in the dark.” Throughout the negotiation process, I will be representing you, reporting to you and doing whatever is in your best interests, and yours alone.

Once we have an accepted offer on a home, I can help you find the right attorney, home inspector, mortgage representative, etc. – if that’s what you need. I’ll be available to you and keep a close eye on your purchase. Along with my team at Re/Max, we’ll make sure that nothing falls through the cracks and that all your questions are answered.

Believe me, there will be a lot of questions!

I’ve done this many times before and we will work closely together right from the start to ensure that we reach a happy ending ..

… so to get the ball rolling simply fill out my contact form or call me directly (732) 261-6151.