If you want a traditional leafy suburb on the train line to New York City, a place where you can walk and visit the library, restaurants, stores, post office; etc.., where kids can often walk  to school, I would recommend many of the towns of Central New Jersey.  Westfield on the Raritan Valley Line with direct trains into Penn Station, Newark and connections to Penn Station, New York City.  Metuchen on the North East Corridor line with direct trains into Penn Station, New York, are great examples.

For more information on commuting in New Jersey:    New Jersey Transit and NJ Path Train or you can look at the map for the entire network at NJ Transit Map

If you want to travel further, say to Washington DC, AmTrak stops at MetroPark Station on the border of Edison and Woodbridge:   AmTrak Trains


For a small State, New Jersey has an enormous network of highways. We earn our name as the Gateway Region – everyone is always traveling somewhere – and they do so by car, train, bus and plane! If you live in New Jersey, you soon learn Route 1 from Route 27 from Route 78 and it goes on and on. We also have the New Jersey Turnpike and the Garden State Parkway. Residents of the State tell one another their exit numbers as that gives everyone a very good idea of where their town is situated in New Jersey. Take Metuchen and Edison, for example, we’re Exit 10 on the Turnpike and Exit 131 on the Parkway and that would tell anyone that we are in the center of the State.

If you need to fly to other parts of the country or internationally, Newark Airport is a major airport and is about a 20 to 30 minute drive, depending on conditions.