Tips for Searching for Your New Home

Home Search Assistance—Tips to Find Your New Home

Home Search Tips

Whether you are very familiar with a town or just moving into it, searching for a new home can be a challenge without the right resources. With Jackie Safran as your experienced Westfield, New Jersey Realtor®, you can rest assured that you will have all of the information, resources, and advice you need to find the best home for you and your family.

To help you begin your new home search, here is a general list of helpful tips from our skilled real estate professional:

  • Find a knowledgeable, experienced Realtor®
  • Know the type and style of home you are looking for
  • Figure out what size home you need (bedrooms, bathrooms, lot size, etc.)
  • Keep your price range in mind at all times
  • Decide what is most important for your family (schools, neighborhoods, family activities, commuting needs)
  • Get solid recommendations of mortgage representatives, lawyers, etc. from your Realtor®
  • Know your pre-approval loan status
  • Stay in contact with your Realtor®
  • Use the sources, materials, and information you’ve been given to help make a decision
  • Write down your thoughts about each home you see right after viewing it
  • Take your time making this large investment

If you are in need of home search assistance from a skilled, experienced real estate professional, contact Jackie. She has made 15 moves, 3 internationally, herself and understands the anxiety and frustration that may accompany the new home search. To alleviate your stress, Jackie stays in constant communication with you and ensures you are updated with the latest Westfield MLS listings. Contact Jackie—the Agent with the English Accent­—for the information, resources, and advice you need to find the home of your dreams in Westfield, New Jersey.

Call 732-261-6151 today for the home search assistance you need in Westfield!