Moving Checklist

Westfield, New Jersey Moving Checklist

Moving to a new location can be stressful and challenging if you are not properly organized or have a solid relocation moving checklist. With Jackie Safran as your experienced Westfield, New Jersey Realtor®, she can help you get organized and give you the advice you need for an efficient move.

Moving Checklist

To get you started in the moving process, the following is a general moving checklist that shares with you important steps to take when preparing to move:

  • Interview movers: When you are moving, it is important to choose the best possible moving company to help you move efficiently. Be sure to interview several different moving companies, check their policies, and compare customer reviews. This will greatly increase the likelihood of simplifying the process.
  • Get prices: Comparing prices when making any investment is important. This is especially true for moving companies, moving trucks, and other moving implements to ensure you are given the best experience.
  • Get moving insurance: While you may not expect an accident to occur or a problem to arise, it is always wise to plan for the unexpected. Obtaining moving insurance can help to ensure that your belongings are safe in the hands of your movers.
  • Keep closing date in mind: From the time you make the decision to relocate to the time you actually move in, time may seem like it is speeding by. The most important thing to remember when moving is the closing date on your new house. Scheduling your move around this date will help to ensure your move run smoothly and without complication.
  • Place children/pets in safer environment: During the moving in process, children and pets may create a more complex working environment. If you are concentrating on your child’s safety or the pet’s whereabouts, you cannot think about moving efficiently. If you have a neighbor, friend, or relative willing to watch your children or pets for an afternoon, it will improve your moving experience.
  • Don’t get overwhelmed: Yes, moving to a new location can be complicated and challenging due to the number of things needing to be completed. However, it is crucial to not become overwhelmed. Take one step at a time and you will make it through the project. Remember, you can always call on Jackie for moving advice.
  • Stay organized: As always, it is critical to stay organized throughout each step of the moving process. For example, place stars on important/fragile boxes and write the locations each box will go on the outside. These types of activities will make moving easier and help you stay organized and calm.

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