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Driving into Milltown from one of its larger neighbors, such as East or North Brunswick is like traveling back in time, you almost feel you’ve landed in a Norman Rockwell painting! Milltown with an area of 1.6 square miles, and approximately 7,000 residents, is one of the smallest communities in the Raritan Valley. Milltown is easily accessible, positioned between the New Jersey Turnpike and US Route 1.

As the name implies, the early history of Milltown generated around the production mills, which were powered by harnessing the waters of the Lawrence Brook as it flowed into the Mill Pond. Mill Pond still exists in the center of town. Milltown for a time was the center of the nation’s rubber industry. In 1843, the Meyer Rubber Company built a plant on Bergen’s Mill site, the plant was later run by the India Rubber Company and was then bought and expanded by the Michelin Tire Company. The company stopped producing rubber in the 1930’s.

Now the mills have been transformed into business and residential units, and the town thrives with shops, churches and stores. Milltown features residential housing of every type: single family homes, multi-family dwelling and apartments and condominiums. While land for new building is relatively limited, growth is seen from some new housing developments, and in real estate turnover from mature families to families with school-age children. Milltown appeals as an attractive and affordable place to live in Middlesex County and real estate sales reflect this.

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The District is home to two thriving schools, serving the Kindergarten to 8th grade population. High school students are sent to Spotswood High School.

Although the population of Milltown has remained virtually unchanged for 3 decades, the borough isn’t stuck in the past. Ryders Crossing is a recent addition to the borough. It offers a multitude of stores, including The Home Depot and Target. A new swimming pool is being constructed in the borough. Newcomers to Milltown shouldn’t miss the annual Fourth of July celebration, which rocks the tiny community with fireworks, a parade and activities for the entire family.

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