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Selling a Home in New Jersey

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Real Estate markets vary.  We are currently experience a Buyers’ Market.  This means that there are more homes on the market than buyers who are looking to purchase a home.  In a Buyers’ Market, it’s very important that homes are priced correctly.  The first thing to do is to work with a REALTOR® and determine, with the help of information on comparable homes sold in the area provided by her, what is the correct price range for your home.

Preparing Your New Jersey Home:

Your next step should be preparing your home to put it on the market. Your house should be in good condition and look clean and attractive to buyers. This includes the front of your house and the front yard, something realtors refer to as “curb appeal”. Sometimes a little paint and some repairs can help substantially to add to the selling price. Ask your REALTOR® to walk around the house with you, just before you put it on the market, and make suggestions as to what would help make your home more attractive to buyers.

Showing Your Home in New Jersey:

Once your home is on the market, another important step is to be as flexible as possible as regards to having REALTORS® show your home. It may seem really inconvenient to allow people into your house when you want to make supper or wash the kids, but remember the more potential buyers who view the home, the more likely you are to sell your home in a timely manner for a good price.

Not everyone likes them but a lockbox on the home will always help, so that REALTORS® have access when no one is home, but of course if Fido is likely to take a bite from any strangers in the home while you are out, it’s best that you be there. Talking of pets, while we all love our animals, some prospective buyers will not. If possible, it really is better to contain your cats and dogs when the house is being shown.

Offers and Contracts:

Remember that all offers and contracts have to be made in writing. A verbal offer is not legally binding. An offer should also include something in writing showing that the buyers have their mortgage financing either pre-qualified or pre-approved. Once you receive an offer, you can accept it or, if it does not meet all your expectations, you can make a counter-offer. If you and the buyers come to a meeting of the minds on price and terms, the contracts will be signed and submitted to your attorney and the buyers’ attorney for Attorney Review.  There are standard contingencies such as agreement being reached after Home Inspection and the buyers being able to secure a Mortgage.

The Closing

This is what it is all about and what you have been aiming for. The details from the home inspection have been successfully negotiated, the buyers have secured their mortgage, and title work has been completed. Now all you have to do, with your attorney’s guidance, is sign on the dotted line and transfer the ownership to the buyers. Remember that if you are buying a new house, you will want to have the closing scheduled to enable you to take possession of your new home.

Full Market Analysis of your NJ home

A carefully prepared market analysis is complimentary and consists of me looking at your home and providing you with a detailed, written report showing you other comparable homes that have sold in your area. Based upon this information, we discuss the correct pricing for your home and what should be done in the way of repairs or cosmetic work to enable you to sell at the best price possible.  I also take the time to show you my marketing plan, which is extensive.

My services are designed for a smooth and easy transaction that will allow you to obtain the best price possible for your home. I offer a complete package of services that allow me to manage the many details. These include pricing and marketing your home. Keeping you up to date with the showings on your home. Advertising your home.

Advising you on any offers received and negotiating the same. Coordinating details with other agents, attorneys, lenders, inspection and repair companies.


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