My Action Marketing Plan

I know that Your Money Matters and my plan is designed to help you sell your home for the Highest Possible Price, as well as:

(a)   In the most expedient manner possible

(b)   Achieving the best terms that can be negotiated

(c)   With the least amount of hassle for you and your family.

No two homes are exactly alike.  Even if they are town homes or part of a housing development, your home has been personalized and my task is the evaluate how to provide  your home with the maximum exposure possible in order for you to obtain the Best Price Possible.  I utilize an enormous amount of technology for the benefit of my clients.  In addition to hiring a professional photographer and providing an inter-active floor plan, I also deploy a comprehensive Internet and social media marketing plan.  The aim is to get as many qualified buyers to view your property and make Realtors want to show your show  your home.

The following is the outline of my marketing plan – it’s very powerful and I believe it will you to sell your property for the best possible price:

1.  Meet you and walk through the home with you to get a good feel for the home being sold.

2. Prepare a comprehensive market analysis of your home which includes local market trends and absorption rates.

3.  Assist you with the staging of your home in order to attract the most buyers possible and also to make the home “camera ready” for my photographer and the brochures that will be produced.

4.  If it is deemed necessary, my professional stager will provide a room-by-room assessment of your house, a list will be drawn up of recommendations to dramatically improve the appeal and impact of your home.

5. Showing instructions and appointment plans will be reviewed with the owner.  I try and ensure that your home will be available for all showings.

6.  Professional photographer will take photographs and produce an inter-active floor plan of your home that will be placed on all internet sites.

7.  Custom, four page, glossy brochures will be professionally printed and materials to show special features of the home will be produced.

8.  Marketing is so important.  We need to tell the story of  your home, not just focus on the facts.  Connecting with the buyers on an emotional level can help.  We also need to target the “hot spots” of  your home – what is special and makes it stand out.

9.  Seller Disclosure package for your property will be provided to you so that your home will be ready for potential buyers.

10.  Home for Sale sign will be placed in your yard with property-specific riders.  Lockbox will be installed (if agreed upon.)

11.  Your home will be entered into the Multiple Listing System along with photographs, floor plans, virtual tours, descriptions and showing instructions to provide maximum exposure to all members of the local Realtor® community.

12.  “Just Listed” postcards will be send to homes in your area (if applicable).  This is an excellent promotion for your home so that your neighbors can tell their friends.  Neighbors often know others who would like to live in the neighborhood.

13. Email marketing campaign to Realtors within the area.

14.  Details, professional photographs and virtual tour uploaded to hundreds of Internet Web sites for exposure to all potential buyers – locally, nationally and internationally.  I use a service that will immediately distribute your listing to well over 350 website services.

15.  Your home and all the accompanying tours will appear on my Custom Websites for which I use a professional Search Engine Optimization company to ensure good placement on the search engines.

16.  Create and distribute a blog post about your property which will appear on various blogging platforms.

17.  Property listings will be created for popular Real Estate Web Sites such as (with an Enhanced Listing package),, and others.  Enhanced property listings on yield much more exposure than listings without and is the only way to add the Virtual Tour to the listing.

18.  Your listing will be featured on Re/ which is one of the most popular real estate company websites and which has a unique lead capture system.

19.  Digital Marketing and a unique website.  If  your address is 123 Main Street, I will create a unique web address such as which will lead to your own personal property website.  This address will also be placed on a rider on your yard sign.

20.  A Mobile website will be created that can be viewed on a smart phone from your unique web address or from a text number that will also be featured on your rider.

21.  A QR code will be produced for your property – these are barcodes that can be scanned by a smart phone and will then take the person to your personal property website.  This will also be placed on a rider.

22.  A Social Marketing Campaign will be implemented on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest.  Links to the virtual tours, photos and detailed property description will be included.

23.  A Brokers Open House will be held.  These are designed to open your house to local Realtors so that they can preview the property.

24.   Public Open Houses can be held on Sundays at seller’s discretion.

25.  Every inquiry about your home will be responded to in a timely manner.

26.  FEEDBACK will be solicited from Realtors who have shown your home and reported back to you.

27.  Reports will be sent to you on a steady basis of market changes and new listings or sales of relevant properties will be sent to you for review.

28.  Vacant properties will be inspected for security and condition on a regular basis.

29.  Communicate with you the progress in marketing your home and continued suggestions and advice for necessary changes that need to be made according to the market.

30.  Communicate with you immediately offers are submitted on your home.

31.  Professionally represent you upon presentation of purchase offers and negotiate the highest possible prices and best terms for you.

32.  Guide you through Attorney Review, Home Inspection, obtaining Certificates of Occupancy and all aspects of your home sale.

33.  Meet with Mortgage Appraisers and provide details of your home, including upgrades and floor plans, and comparison sales.

34.  Assist you throughout the process of the sale of your home all the way to closing.

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Selling your home is a major decision and needs the expertise of a professional real estate agent such as Jackie. She is dedicated to assisting you in any and every way she can throughout the process including setting up a checklist for selling your home. Contact our Westfield, New Jersey real estate professional today for more information on selling your home and getting the best price possible.