Stage Your Home For A Sale

Home Staging:

Banish the clutter!  Paint the walls! Hide your beanie baby collection!  Put away the family photographs! Trim the bushes!  What do you need to do to make your home ready to be put on the market for sale?  Here are a few tips and ideas for creating a great first impression to buyers.

1.  Clean, Organize, De-Clutter. The very first things you have to do.  You’re going to be packing when you move, so get a head start.  Pack away the things you don’t need right now and give away the rest of them.  Organize everything else.  The more space in a closet – the bigger it looks!

2.  Repairs. Look around your home both inside and out.  Mend, repair, repaint, replace.  The more pristine  your home can look, the higher the return when it comes to your sales price.

3.  Kitchens. One of the most important rooms in the house for many buyers.  Counter tops should be as clear as possible.  Take the magnets and photos off  the refrigerator so that it doesn’t draw the eye to it.  And don’t store things on top of the refrigerator – it screams to the buyers “we don’t have enough space.”  Clean and arrange the cabinets.  The kitchen needs to appear large, clean and functional.

4.  Bathrooms. Here’s another hot button for buyers.  Make it as bare as possible – never leave personal toilet items out.  Make it clean and co-ordinated.

5.  Depersonalize. Your family photos, personal collections, etc. are your business.  Buyers are more attracted to your home when they have room to imagine their things inside the house.  You can still make the house look lived in with pillows and ornaments but the trophies, certificates and souvenirs should be packed away.

6.  Bring the light in. Most buyers are looking for a bright and welcoming home.  Open the blinds and drapes to let in the natural light, turn on lights and make your home welcoming.

I like to give my Sellers my 450 Ideas books which will help with getting your home ready for the market.  It’s a guide – you don’t have to do all 450 of them!!  Ask me about it.